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 Birgenheier family email addresses:

Darron R. Birgenheier: darron@birgenheier.com

David B. Birgenheier: dave@birgenheier.com

Ann M. Birgenheier: ann@birgenheier.com

Brian E. Birgenheier: Snowdog85@aol.com

Hugh Birgenheier hapbear@wamail.net

If you are an American Birgenheier,
I can give you a yourname@birgenheier.com email address that will forward to your existing email addresses at no charge.
(I currently have a limit of 100 free email addresses for the birgenheier.com domain, of which about 75 are as of yet unused).

On this page I will also post links to your email addresses, website URLs, voice/text phone number(s),
IM account names, Facebook / Twitter pages and any other Internet links that you maintain.

Please email me at darron@birgenheier.com for details.